Monday, September 22, 2014

The Coastal Georgia 600

One of my poor flower beds, I've managed to clear one corner
and found a Vince still flowering
So pretty today and the humidity is still being reasonable, so  I managed to get out in the garden again and pull around 600 weeds, thus the title today.  I'm absolutely ashamed about how full of weeds my flower beds are, but in my defense,  the heat and humidity were lethal this summer. I can usually keep them, not out, but under control, though not this year.  If the weather will hold for awhile I may be able to beat them back a bit.
Yesterday's paella was delicious, almost licked my bowl.  I'll write about the recipe tomorrow.
Today in honor of the autumnal equinox, which arrives at 10:29 pm eastern standard time (my aren't they precise) I'm cooking a lamb stew in my slow cooker.  It smells so good.
Good bye summer and don't let the door hit you in the back!


  1. I have just as many weeds, but no excuse of heat and humidity! You've obviously worked hard to pull out so many. And yes please a paella recipe, I love it and this evening went out for a (farewell to Uni son) meal and chose the paella - it was terrible and I'm so disappointed!

  2. I won't miss what passed for summer here, either, and hoping for a reasonable winter.
    I think I may be one more summer of mulching behind the weeds. Little bastads.

  3. 600 weeds! you are the terror of the local flowers I am suer :D

  4. Goodbye summer, but it is still so mild here in the UK! Xxx

  5. Don't forget you have also been away, so it isn't surprising that things grew, don't be hard on yourself! Glad that you are enjoying the more favourable conditions though. xx

  6. I think you can be forgiven for the weeds with the heat and humidity you've been suffering. We don't eat much fish or seafood as the rest of the family aren't keen, but I do love paella.

  7. The heat and humidity were lethal here in Nashville too. An awful August with high pollen counts and pollution alerts as well. I gave up.


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