Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Roundup

Not a lot going on at the Little House in the Swamp, they keep promising us cold fronts ( parts of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado got snow from this cold front), but all we get is more humidity. The front's  been here since Friday and it finally rained a little bit today, now it's steaming, not much cold though.  I read other blogs and people are talking about the leaves changing color, the air having a nip to it, lighting a fire at night.  I'm so envious.  No leaves have changed color here, the air is soggy, not nipping and we're running the air conditioner, not the heater.
When the seasons change my allergies go wild: itchy eyes, sinus headache, aching joints, no energy.
All I did all weekend was watch sports, football, baseball, golf, crochet a little bit on a potholder that should have taken less than an hour to do and instead has taken more than a month and it's still not done, and read.
I flew through The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowlings) and liked it as much as Cuckoo Calling and maybe more.  Looking forward to the next one in the series.
Also read Death in the Garden by Elizabeth Ironside.  Helena inherits her Great Aunt's house and  fortune, but also finds out that her Aunt had been found innocent of her husband's murder more than 60 years ago.  She decides that she can't take the inheritance unless she can find out that the Aunt wasn't just found not guilt, but that she was innocent.  Really good book.
Also really liked The Expats by Chris Pavone  She's CIA, but has never told her husband, he thinks she works in a DC think tank. Now they're moving to Luxembourg for a his job.  He's an independent contractor who helps banks protect themselves from hackers or maybe he's a hacker who has stolen millions of euros.
Now I'm working my way through:  Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman, 2 eleven year olds go to jail for 7 years for kidnapping and killing a baby.  Now they're out of jail and another baby is missing.  It's ok, the girls are just a bit too creepy for me.  As Kirkus review might say this is  a book you should probably borrow, not buy.
Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rendell, I've just started this, but it has an interesting premise.  The housekeeper kills the whole family because she can't read, not by poisoning them, she shoots them.
And finally The Namesake by Jumpha Lahiri and I like this one very much.  His parents moved to America from India so his father can attend grad school.  They remain very Indian, in thought and deed, while he and his sister who are born in America become very American, at first, but then they start turning back.  I love reading books about the immigrant experience and this one is excellent.
While looking for pictures of the books I found out that Every Secret Thing was made into a movie in 2014 starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning,  The Namesake was made into a movie in 2006 starring Kal Penn and Irrfan Khan and The Expats will be made into a movie that will open in 2015, not casting for it yet.   May put The Namesake on on my Netflix list.
 There are rumors that the Galbraith books are going to be made into movies too.

This started out as a Monday morning post, but has ended up a Monday evening one, life does have a way of interfering.

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  1. You do get through lots of books. I only read a chapter or two when I go to bed so a book lasts me for ages, unless I get to a bit where I want to know more and then I have an early night.


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