Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Birthday Girl

Today, as I like to say, is the 30th anniversary of a favorite birthday of mine.  In other words I'm not admitting how old I am.  Just let it be said that when I sneeze dust comes out.
I Skyped with our daughter this morning and opened the presents she'd had sent to me.  She got me a Kindle book I'd been wanting A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman
and a wonderful Erica Crossbody purse that is deep enough for my Kindle.

The Agatha Christie Story
Mac always surprises me.  He got me 2 vintage Saturday Evening Post magazines.  One has an Agatha Christie story and the other has a P.G. Wodehouse one.  The Agatha issue is from 1944 and the P.G. Wodehouse issue is from 1933.  Both magazines are in amazing condition and the ads are a hoot.  You can buy a Chrysler car for a bit over $900 and a Hudson for $634.   He also gave me an adorable pig for my garden, my last one has broken to bits, but he's too cute and will live upstairs I think.
Has the P.G. Wodehouse Story
 Miss Kitty, knowing the way to my heart gave me chocolate.
Now, if only I had a refrigerator, life would be perfect..


  1. Happy birthday, what a lovely and imaginative collection of gifts.

  2. A big happy birthday from me! x

  3. Happy birthday - oh and I absolutely adore that pig.

  4. Hope your birthday was lovely! The magazines would have thrilled me specially if I had not seen the stories before.


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