Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm a bit late, travel hangover I guess, plus having to go out and get my B-12 shot---about a week late.

I'm going to make this simple, just some photos from our trip to Utah.

The first is from Red Canyon and Bryce viewpoint in the park.
Hoodoos at Red Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Utah Prairies Dogs, an endangered species.  They were so entertaining we visited them twice.

Calf Creek, absolutely loaded with trout, Mac
said it was his idea of heaven.

 The second set is of the Prairie Dogs.

A Pronghorn grazing behind the Prairie Dog town.
The third is of deer, there were 3 in the meadow behind the prairie dogs and when one got close enough I snapped his

The fourth set is of Mac fishing, he got several days of it in.
He fished at Calf Creek, Pine Lake, the stream at Tropic Reservoir and along the Servier River.  Without a doubt Calf Creek was the best.  I sat and painted while he fished.

Mac with one of the Brown Trout he caught, this one was in Calf Creek

And the fifth is me in the snow, we even made snowballs.
Me sitting by the snow at Cedar Breaks, a national park at 10,000 feet or so.  It was around 52ยบ which felt great after the heat of Georgia.

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  1. Lovely pics! Now I want to travel out West. I've only seen little bits of it so far in my travels.

  2. It's still as beautiful as I remember!

  3. Some amazing pictures, makes me want to visit. You can come and help me sort buttons any time you Like. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hey snow!!1! That is pretty amazing!!! So lovely to see more of your travel photos, especially the prairie dogs, they look very happy! I hope that you are feeling much better again very soon and that you have a great weekend. Thank you so much as always for joining in. xx

  5. Looks like a fun trip! I bet it was cooler than Georgia! :)

  6. Utah looks stunning - it isn't an area of the US that I've thought of visiting but it certainly looks tempting.

  7. Lovely photos, the prairie dogs are cute. Mac looks as though he's enjoying himself too. The snow surprised me, I always think of Utah as desert.

  8. Like Rowan I was surprised by the snow. You've taken some amazing photos and I love the prairie dogs:)

  9. Like Rowan I was surprised by the snow. You've taken some amazing photos and I love the prairie dogs:)

  10. Great Utah trip! I loved the photos. Particularly enjoyed the prairie dogs and the shot of Bryce Canyon. We were in Utah briefly last summer, on a trip which we made a circle through Colorado and then back down to AZ (where we live). I had never been before, and we went to Arches, only. It was very beautiful. You almost have to be a hiker (which we used to be but are not anymore because of physical problems) to enjoy the Canyons properly I think. But we enjoyed it.

  11. Those rocks are really impressive!

  12. Great photos! Isn't Utah just gorgeous?! I think prarie dogs are the most interesting little-ish critters! I couldn't believe them when I finally saw them up close and personal LOL! Men and their fishing :D
    Hugs for now,
    Beth P
    Five on Friday

  13. I really enjoyed your lovely photos. :-)


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