Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some of This, Some of That

Back from our 6-month check-up.  All is well, except we're both having massive allergy attacks and I have a rash of unknown origin on my leg.  It's been that kind of year for me, one little niggling problem ( though my foot was not so little) after another.  Some years we only see our doctor for our annual physical and the 6 month follow-up.  I don't even want to think about how many times we've seen him this year.
 He offered us steroid shots for our allergies, but we declined, will muddle through with antihistamines even though they raise my blood pressure a bit.
My foot is doing much better and I told him that mostly it's been a problem when I sit for long spells, like on a flight.  When I got off the plane from Utah I was really hobbling, the man in the arrival tunnel offered me a wheel chair, which I declined.
The doctor says to get up and move around a bit during the flight. Seeing as they always want us buckled up while we're in the air that might be a problem, I may have to get an extension for my seatbelt.   I also asked about wearing compression socks on long flights (we have England this year and Japan next year) and he said definitely yes.
Someone (Rowan at Circle of the Year) said she was surprised that we have poisonous snakes in Georgia. Well, with the exception of Gila Monsters I think we have every poisonous critter there is.  I don't mind the green garter snakes and the corn snakes, but I loathe water snakes, and we have both poisonous -- water moccasins-- and non-poisonouse-- black racers.  There's just something evil about water snakes.
I just finished reading Still Alice  by Lisa Genova, really liked it, such a sad story.  A Harvard Professor gets early onset Alzheimer and the book is written from her perspective.  I haven't seen the movie based on the book, but I've read that it's very moving.
I also finished A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler, which I liked, but didn't love.  It's  the story of a family and I usually like family stories, but this one didn't connect all that well with me and I really didn't like the ending.
Well I've gotten nothing done today so I best get moving.


  1. I'm so sorry about this. Hope you feel better.
    My legs are like elephants these days when I get off a plane, I always do find if you're in economy its so hard to keep walking around as the flight attendants don't really love it

  2. Allergies must be miserable, I'm fortunate that I don't get any but my husband has always suffered from hay fever very badly and has allergies to other things as well. I think I agree with you about water snakes - if I'd known how many poisonous snakes you have in Georgia I might have thought twice about visiting:):) Very glad I did though.

  3. It's disheartening to get old enough to have time enough to get about and see the world and simultaneity old enough to have legs that would prefer to stay home.

  4. I always wander around on flights and have never had a problems doing so. I go up on my toes a few times and then wander around - that is what I was told to do. Steer clear of alcohol on long flights, and drink plenty of water.

  5. I bet it feels good to have that all done. Seems like we are continually in some doctors gets real old. I have noticed if I watch the salt..I have less leg problems. I had a area on my leg that they could never figure out...itchy...I finally got rid of it after several months of anti fungal cream...go figure:(

  6. We keep well away from Doctors and only go them when it is absolutely necessary and even then we take charge of our own treatment. By using alternative remedies & treatments (including homeopathy) and maintaining a healthy eating habit, using the old adage that it is better to leave the table slightly hungry than stuffed to the gills.

  7. Allergies are miserable because they are often triggered by such vague things, arent they, so you can never quite get rid of them. Those sound like interesting books. I've suddenly got into reading the last few weeks, can't seem to exist without one in my hand.

  8. I hope that you will not have to go again until your annual appointment! It is so time consuming going to the doctors apart from anything else isn't it. I hope your travels to England are good as well! I will be interested of course to see where you go! xx


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