Monday, June 22, 2015


One of me favorite words, it so describes me.  I lollygag a lot.  Which means I waste time, fiddle about, flit from one thing to another, but hardly ever get anything done.
I looked the origin of the word up and it's wrapped in a bit of mystery.  It is believed to have shown up here in the States in the 1860's, I betting  here in the South.  I can remember my Mom saying it too, she meant it to be lazy.
I'm not lazy, just conserving my energy.  I did mow the lawn today, there's almost an acre of it.  Note to self, should have put on sun screen (Melisandre my dermatologist will get me) and I should have worn a mask, I'm wheezing now.
Time to exercise and then a bit more lollygagging.


  1. Lollygagging is a new word for me. I do rather a lot of it I think x

  2. Love, love, love the platypus. I was brought up specifically not to be a lollygagger. It was a standard epitaph from my grandmother, who did not lollygag a day in her life and wouldn't have it from her children or grandchildren. The very word makes me smile, remembering her brisk little self.

  3. Lollygagging applies very much to me to and I'm proud to say that.

  4. I've never heard of lollygagging before, I'm definitely going to add that to my vocabulary now.

  5. This is one I haven't come across before and my mother gave me a very good grounding I old sayings and expressions:)

  6. I love words and lolly gagging is a great one! Not sure I've ever used it but my mom sure has. I think it describes what I've been doing in this hot weather quite well!

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