Sunday, June 28, 2015


Where does the week go?  It has finally cooled off a bit here, if you can call high 80's and low 90's cooler.  Each day starts with a walk and a swim, absolutely can't walk later in the day and if our housing area wasn't full of tall shady trees we wouldn't be able to walk even in the morning.
I finally made it out into the garden this morning, pulled up about 700 weeds and the rest just laughed at me.
Mac dug potatoes up, brought tomatoes into ripen and a few green beans that I'm going to use in a green bean salad.
 Planning on seeing Jurassic World this week, first time we've been to the movies in years, usually wait for them to come out on Netflix.  But we decided the dinos need to be on the big screen.
I leave you with my favorite pair.


  1. So glad we rarely have those sort of temps over here! Enjoy the film.

  2. After the wildfire that burned my home down,
    every night I would read a few pages of Calvin and Hobbes so I would go to sleep with happiness.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I always have to look the F vs C temps up, but we've been more like 55-65 F here all June... i.e. a bit on the chilly side! :)

  4. Calvin and Hobbs are my all time favorite too. In fact I have a stuffed Hobbs on my couch.

    Your garden veggis sound great...we just finished up on the ones I brought back from out trip.

    Just finished off the last of the apricot pulp and have three loaves of apricot bread cooling.

    Have a great and muggy here today.

  5. My granddaughter said Jurassic Park was awesome.

  6. My Grands liked Jurassic Park also, we will wait for Netflix! Warm here too but not your still cools of to 55 at night:)

  7. If I waited for Jurassic to come to our little cinema I would wait a long time I think.

  8. Our temperatures are supposed to reach the 80's and 90's this week, it's far too warm for me.

  9. I love Calvin and Hobbes!!! Too cute! I don't however love those temperatures, ours are due to soar and I am not looking forward to it! xx


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