Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It Feels Like Summer

Indeed it does, temperatures near 90º, humidity high, yes it feels like summer.  Weeds growing like crazy and everything in bloom--Mac's having allergy problems, I did mine in Utah, or so I thought.  I've been weeding in the garden and now I'm wheezing, gotta love those weeds.
This weekend Mac  found a copperhead snake in a flowerbed near the garage.  He's not keen on killing anything, but poisonous snakes should not take up residence near the house.
Swimming in the pool the last 2 days has felt wonderful. We're going out later this week to look for a net gazebo to go on the deck so we can sit outside more--without it the bugs will get us.  For example, even though I sprayed bug repellant all over I have 3 new deer fly bites.  Deer fly are all mouth and nothing repels them.
Summer meals, ribs and potato salad followed by a nap in the heat of the afternoon.
I've been trying to get the house back into shape after our trip and catch up on laundry while Mac has tried to catch up on the yard.  My job is hot and hard because we don't turn air conditioning on till noon, but his is hotter, I don't know how he does it.
The daylillies and the gladiolas are quite spectacular this year.

And here are the latest additions to my National Park animal
zoo, a Utah prairie dog and a 3-line chipmunk.


  1. This northerner is toooo hot! A dip in the pool sounds perfect. We haven't had horse flies yet but something really got my feet and ankles when I took the dogs out before dawn. Now I'm testing a couple brands of natural insect repellents to see which one makes me less irresistible to SC bugs!

  2. You're probably dealing with what we call no-see-ums. I use Avon sunscreen and bug repellant, but nothing repels the deer fly, thank goodness they're only around (mostly) from Mother's Day to Father's Day.

  3. We were 91 with high humidity today. No fun I like 72 just fine! The ssnake ssounds ssscary...good thing it is dead. Gladiolas already and beauties too! :)

  4. Yea, Pool is open !
    We get a few bugs when we sit outside. Not to many thank goodness.
    I have been using a fan to stir the air.
    But I have no idea what a horse fly is so I am not sure that will work.
    The net idea sounds good.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Like the sound of a dip in the pool but not warm enough here at the moment - deer fly I don't like the sound of - those little bites can be really irritating.

  6. Hey Mac and Janet. How come I am just now finding your blog! :) Good grief! Oh, how I hate those deer flies. They always seem to bite me on my back where I can't slap them. It is hot here too and supposed to hit 95 Saturday.

  7. Henny Penny, it's supposed to be 95º here this weekend too. Deer fly are awful, be glad when the season is over.

  8. Great idea to get a net gazebo for the deck - insect bites of any kind are not fun! Didn't realise you had poisonous snakes in Georgia though I knew that they were around other areas of the US. I'm fine with snakes but would prefer not to meet up with any poisonous ones. Think you must have our share of the heat - it's fairly suny and dry but decidedly cool herer.

  9. Sorry about the typos - should have read it before pressing submit!

  10. I shouldn't complain about the weather, but I will, anyway. We're having more grey days than sunny; it was 61 yesterday. Ditto today. Keeps the mosquitoes away, however, and the flies can barely crawl.

  11. You must be so pleased you've got the pool to cool off in. We've had terrible weather so far this year but it was sunny yesterday and we've got a second sunny day on the trot today, wonders never cease. I don't like it too hot though, I don't think I could cope living where you do, not just the heat but the humidity too.

  12. Goodness, it does sound hot and the bright orange colour of the flowers in your photos reflect the description of the heat. A net sounds like a good idea, love the additions to your zoo:)

  13. Oh my goodness, that heat sounds exhausting!!! I hope that you can keep enjoying the pool and that you can find that gazebo for sitting out in when it is cool enough. The bugs sound nasty! xx


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