Monday, August 10, 2015


The Weaver of Grass got me thinking about communication today.  She got a new landline that has brought a bit of grief into her life getting it set up and settled in.  I know the feeling.  We have to have a landline because cell phone reception is rather weird where we live.     Inside the house you have to be near a window to get decent reception so you'll frequently go through our neighborhood and see people on the porch or in their yard talking on their cell phones, LOUDLY.  
The landline is a rather simple one with a built in answering machine and caller ID.  It has a lot of other features, but I just ignore them.
I have a cell phone, an I-Phone, but it pretty much lives in the bottom of my purse, we use it when we travel.    Though there are loads of apps on itother than the phone, the camera and internet I don't use any of them.
It's not that I'm a technophobe, I got into computers back in the 80's.  I love my computer, you could take my tv, my car or most any other thing around the house, not Mac, but don't take my computer.
Which brings me back to phones, I just don't like them, never have, never sat for hours talking on them, never missed them when we didn't have one.
In fact when people ask for my cell phone number, I won't give it, only a couple of people have it and I don't recommend trying to get me on my landline either, I seldomly answer the phone.  Instead I tell people to e-mail me, not text me, I don't even have text service on my phone, didn't want it and certainly don't want to pay for it.
Last Christmas, in sort of a related way, I gave Mac a Victorian letter holder as a gift.  We already had a vintage telegram that we now display in the holder.  What an elegant way to receive a message.


  1. I've never been very comfortable talking on the phone - my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything to say! I text quite a bit with my children but not anyone else and our landline phone has three ringtones - if you aren't on the family or friends/doctor,dentist etc one the phone doesn't get answered. I sound a real old curmudgeon don't I? :):)

  2. Perfect letter holder! I still write letters and send out cards. We have a land line, the machine gets many of the calls. My husband has a cell phone, I do not..and I probably never will. I detest phones:)

  3. I have one long distance friend I chat with an hour or more at a time, once or twice a year. When we get together, we talk for a week. Her husband just shakes his head.

  4. I have a mobile or cell phone to use when travelling or meeting up with people somewhere but that's about all it gets used for, quick calls or short texts. I'm not one for phone calls and as I get older I like them less and less - most times if I answer the phone nowadays it is a computer/cold caller trying to get something or other from us so I always hesitate to answer plus I struggle to hear what people say especially those with quiet voices or lilting accents:)

  5. I don't tend to sit and chat, I love receiving letters and much prefer writing a letter or postcard to sending a text but I do use my iPhone for the internet so couldn't be without it! Love the telegraph! X

  6. I love my iPhone, but hardly ever talk on it. I do FaceTime on the iPad with the grandboys but that is the only vocal thing I do. But the iPhone has a hundred other wonderful uses and never leaves me without a camera. I've never seen a letter holder (or maybe I have and didn't know what it was!) and I love yours.
    I'm enjoying our class this week; how about you?

  7. Just a quick visit to say that I made your Sweet and Sour Pork today for lunch and it was delicious. Next Monday I am away for the day with a friend and there was sufficient left to put in a dish and freeze so that the farmer can heat it in the microwave for his lunch on that day.. Thanks for that.


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