Monday, August 3, 2015


It's Monday, not as hot as it has been, but boy oh boy the humidity----it's horrible.  Trying to do anything just leaves you covered in sweat.  So of course today was the day I'd decided we needed to switch rugs, take the one in the dining room where no one ever goes, except Miss Kitty, and put it in the family room where we basically live.
Now the family room rug
The one in the family room had a black background and everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that came within 10 feet of it fell on it and looked awful.  I vacuumed it religiously and 5 minutes later it looked like we'd dumped our shoes out on it.  It was getting to the point where I hated that rug.  The one in the dining room  had a cream-colored background, dark stuff will show up, but not every little crumb, bit of fluff or lint will.
So I emptied out the heavy coffee table and dragged it off the rug and vacuumed the rug, moved the chairs out of the dining room and yelled for Mac.  He moved the rugs, swept everything and helped me move the dining room  table and chairs.
Now we were both covered in sweat and though it was only about 81º in the house and only around 11 am we turned the air conditioner on.  Can't wait to see our electric bill this month.
The rugs look better.  We also pulled out the runner under the tv, it matches the black rug and put it in the entryway.
Then to cool myself off I did a bit of ironing.  I don't iron much, just pillow cases, table cloths and cotton dish towels.  This time I had a couple of blouses to iron too.  I don't have many blouses that require ironing, but these two do.  When I wore the navy blue one, I thought, I haven't worn this in a while, I wonder why, I like it, it fits well, looks good on me.  Well the reason is that I have to iron it, so it spends a lot of time hanging in the closet.
Then it was into the pool to cool off and then aerobics.  I'm through for the day except for fixing lunch, chicken cacciatore.

Now the dining room rug


  1. I hope you'll like your rug once more now that it is in a different place. I like it! If only it was a little warmer here, I wouldn't even mind the humidity for a period of time. If it wasn't officially summer I would put the heating on for sure. x

  2. Sounds like a busy day you've had. I wish we were having some decent weather here in the UK - it's very hit and miss for summer, as usual. Heat and humidity sounds lovely!

  3. The switch looks very nice, and best of all, makes you happy. We have had a sinfully cool summer; the air has been on perhaps five times, and then basically to suck out the humidity. I think it has been on overnight one time.

  4. Looks like a perfect switch! We are cooler today, last night it was in the 50's.:)

  5. I always leave the air on. I heard it takes more electricity to start it and cool the house. I just drop it down but keep it on. In Tucson I cannot live with out the air on.
    Both of your rugs are lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I know what you mean about the humidity, it is worse than the heat isn't it! Hope you like your new rug placements! xx

  7. I think you've done enough for the day. Have a rest now.

  8. Oh, gosh I feel tired just reading all you have achieved in one day. I know what you mean about a dark carpet - we had one for a while but it didn't go with our cat's white fur!:)

  9. They're both pretty rugs. The dark one looks elegant under the dining room table. Good move!
    As you can probably tell, I'm catching up on my favorite blogs. I got really behind reading for Richard III last week.


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