Wednesday, August 12, 2015

National Middle-Child Day

It's National Middle-Child Day here in the States and that would be me.  I'm the middle of 3 girls.
Some interesting stats about middle children, some match me, some don't.
We're more independent from an earlier age as our parents have others to deal with, and I was always pretty independent.
We're good negotiators because we've had to be.
We're attracted to other middle children and Mac is a middle child too.
Our romantic relationships are happier and healthier.  That's true, I'm the only one of my sisters who's still married, they were each married twice.
We're quite ambitious, but I'm not and never have been.
52% of all U.S.  Presidents were middle children, guess that fits in with being ambitious.
We tend to be more responsible and I think I am.
We're willing to compromise, I hate conflict and will do anything to avoid it.
Whatever route the first born takes the middle child will be different.  My older sister was a rebel and frequently in trouble, I was the good girl.
We make good teachers, social workers, diplomats, defense lawyers and actors.  I was a teacher.

So what was your birth order?


  1. I was an only child and so was my husband. My younger son is the middle one of three and certainly some of these things fit him - but then they fit me too:)

  2. I'm an only child but I gained a step sister 10 years older than me when I was 6 years old:)

  3. I was a first. I read the list with interest though, with my brother in mind. Some do not fit him at all--he had three wives, for instance, and was not ambitious. However, he stayed away from conflict at any cost, and some were great costs.

  4. I was the first but my Mum was a middle child and most of that fit her.

  5. This has nothing to do with today's post but a answer to a question.
    Japanese family is here and I asked about bacon.
    He said,
    Any market will have bacon. Japan does not have "luncheon meats" and bacon is it.
    She will have to make her own BLT because you will not find it on any menu.
    Hope that helps.
    So if she makes one herself she can have a BLT.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I am a middle child myself. Much of what you have written about middle children applies to me. I married an only child but then, he is a saint and the only man who can stand to be around me! LOL.

  7. Interesting. So much goes into what makes us 'us'. I doubt the middle child would have those attributes if they had been brought up apart from their siblings? I was the youngest of three brothers and often got the feeling that I could never live up to their achievements. I think I did - it's the Boy Named Sue school of psychologyy! One of my brothers is STILL older than I am...

  8. I'm an only child; when is National Only Child Day, assuming there is one? Seems that there's a National Day or National Week for everything these days! Do Clintons sell 'Happy Middle Child Day' cards??

  9. I think that all of these National Day celebrations that you have over there, were invented to keep your minds from focusing on real issues ?

  10. No, that's why they invented Donald Trump.

  11. I am the oldest, married to a youngest. Interesting how birth order plays a part in our lives:)

  12. I was the youngest of three by a long way - sister twenty two years older than me and brother eleven years older than me - and all to the same two parents. (I was what is known here is an 'after-thought'.

  13. The youngest of two, I often felt as though I was taking care of my sister, rather than the other way round. That could have been the Virgo in me, though.

  14. I am the first and my mother was a first, who married a first. My 1st hubs was a first and interestingly, so was my 2nd. I am the dependable one though, steadfast and true and like everything calm and level (that is the Libra in me :)).

  15. I am the oldest of two and married to the youngest of two. I read some books on birth order and that is apparently an ideal combination, an oldest and a youngest. We are married 43 years now and it is working!

  16. I am an oldest child, no idea if I fit any sterotypes about that or not! I have been married twice, but plan on staying married! Not ambitious at all, so I don't think that I have middle child tendencies. As long as you are happy, I don't think your birth order matters! xx

  17. This is very interesting!!! I read a book once called "Birth Order", and it was very interesting, stating that each person has a specific personality due to where they fall in the birth order of the family.
    I haven't blogged in awhile, and it's so nice to be reading and catching up on blogs again. I Hope you're well and I Hope you're having a great weekend!

  18. Welcome home! I imagine you are busy getting caught up on the laundry besides the last week of Richard III. My next class doesn't start until Selt. 7 so I feel like I have all kinds of extra time! I think my next one is Wordsworth. Looking forward to posts about your trip.


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