Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday in the Swamp

I washed clothes and hung them outside yesterday so of course it rained.  Had to finish them up in the dryer.  Today I folded the sheets or rolled them into a bundle depending on how you look at them.
Can't talk about Las Vegas, too sad, too scary.  I miss the country I grew up in.
RIP Tom Petty, I was a long time fan.  Still love or perhaps am disturbed by his Alice in Wonderland video for Don't Come Around Here No More. Tried to copy the video, but couldn't, but it's on youtube if you want to see it.
About half way through Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son.  I like it, but I don't love it.  It's more gory than scary.
Made Bean and Bacon Soup yesterday, so much better than the canned version and WAY less sodium.
And because we were on a bacon binge we also had BLTs for lunch.
Today we'll be good and have fish.
Some new videos coming in from Netflix, seeing as baseball season is over I'm changed our account to get more videos.  I've ordered the British version of The Office.  There was an American version, but I thought I'd try the British one instead. They always have such good character actors.
Mac has the first desk put together and has started on the second.  They're bigger than I expected, but we'll make them fit.  Watching all the work he's put into them I'm not surprised stores charge so much more for furniture that's already assembled.
Today was spent doing housework, I've promised myself not to do it again for awhile.
It has actually cooled off a bit here, temperatures only in the lower 80's.  The weather forecaster said we had 17 days in September that reached 90º or above, so we're due for a cool down.
Off to cross-stitch till I'm cross-eyed.


  1. We have watched the news reports of the terrible events in Las Vegas. We are very glad to live in a country where such automatic weapons can't be bought, and gun ownership is very tightly controlled.

    1. I'm curious, where do you live? Great Britain?

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy day. Let's hope the second desk takes less time as you now have an expert in the house!

  3. You'll be like Victoria and Albert with your twin desks:) Like the sound of bean and bacon soup, will have to give it a go. Happy cross stitching . B x

  4. The Office (British) is quite good. Our American version was a copy of that one.

    It's been a hard week with Las Vegas and losing Tom Petty. I, too, miss the innocence of the world I grew up in. It had its bad spots, too, but nothing like we see today.

    Have a good night- xo Diana

  5. My son put together a desk in a box for my first PC--he said he could build a barn from the ground up more easily! Our weather is back to daytime low 80's--good for drying clothes on the line!

  6. We had that cat. His name was Ryon kitty. Laura is the builder of unassembled things here. It reminds me of my two brothers, though. I read the instructions and she proceeds.

  7. It was cooling off here but this afternoon it was 94. I guess thats is better than the 118 we were having but still too hot.
    Love the idea of two desks.

    Take care.
    cheers, parsnip

  8. I love homemade bean with bacon soup too! Sooo much better than the canned version!! I make it, along with cheeseburger soup, so often in our winter months...warms the body and soul! I love reading your blog everyday! Thanks for taking the time to write it! :)

  9. The British version of the Office is very funny, but harder for me to get into than the American version. I liked it but I loooove the American version, it's one of my favorite shows of all time. Very sad about Tom Petty here, we loved him. I have said since the day my daughter was born that her theme song is "I Won't Back Down." That's the kind of person she is.

  10. Bacon and bean soup sounds good. I never use canned soup, way too much salt. It's been rain showers here in our part of France all week, annoying because I have so much laundry to do.

  11. Rain here too so the washing is hanging in the utility room. Love the sound of the bacon and bean soup, must give that one a try.

  12. Such terrible events in Las Vegas this week, the world is becoming a very scary place. I know The Office was very popular here but I could never get into it, though I do like Ricky Gervais in other things.

  13. Such terrible and inexplicable things happening in the world at the moment. The Office was popular here but I never really watched it. I like Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook in other things especially the latter in The Detectorists. It is very much soup weather over here:)

  14. I love bean soups! And I believe that hanging clothes outside is a good way to make it rain.


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