Friday, June 26, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer are supposed to be in August after months of hot weather. But I'm afraid we're having them now. It is so muggy here, and usually it's not. When we lived in Georgia before, in Augusta, it was always muggy, but it was inland and you expected it. Here by Ft.McAllister we're less than 10 miles from the ocean and it's not nearly as humid. Till this year that is.
Good ol' Global Warming I guess, but then again we also had the coldest winter we've ever had down here this year, so maybe we're heading towards another Ice Age, or that was the theory in the '70s. I guess if you live long enough you'll hear all the theories about the weather, even if they still can't predict it.
Anyway, I'm moving my sweaty old soul out to the pool so I can bark at the birds like a good ol' dog of summer should.

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