Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Living Near Savannah

We never thought we'd come  back to Georgia after we moved home to California in 1990.  But when we got ready to retire and we started considering what we wanted to do with our retirement Georgia began to run through our thoughts.
We lived in the Augusta area (Martinez) from 1981-1990 (with 2 years --85-86 --being spent in Turkey) and enjoyed it most of the time.  But we missed home, California, where we hadn't lived since Mac was drafted into the Army in 1965.  So when our daughter April graduated from Georgia and decided to stay there to do a Masters  we decided to make the move back to California.  
We're from the San Francisco Bay area ( Hayward to be precise), but we'd grown to love hot weather, which Northern California doesn't have, so we moved to Southern California (Murrieta and the Hemet) where I, and eventually Mac too, taught elementary school.
So moving back to Georgia would be a major operation.  During summer vacation we flew back to Augusta, got in touch with our old Realtor Louis and looked around.  Back in California we sat in our house which was surrounded by miles of Grapefruit  orchards and Mac said he couldn't give that up for Augusta.
Then we talked about what we'd do if we lived in Augusta and we looked at each other and said we'd go to Savannah.  So the next year we flew to Savannah, fell in love and decided we'd buy somewhere near.  So the following year we bought a home in Richmond Hill, about 12 miles from Savannah and we've been here for nearly 6 years.  We love it!  Savannah is wonderful.  We go dancing at least twice a week, go to Tybee to the beach, go crabbing and best of all we're much closer to our daughter April who lives in Glen Burnie MD, just ourside of D.C.

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