Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good-by Tybee Island

We were supposed to go to Tybee Island to fish this week, but Miley Cyrus is making a movie out there and they've done away with half the parking so the film crew can have it. The other parking lot is at the north end of the island, about a 2 mile walk from the fishing pier. Which is ok if you aren't carrying a 100 lbs of fishing gear. And the pier where we fish will be off-limits when they're filming there, but they won't tell us in advance when they'll be filming there because they're afraid of swarming herds of tweenies rushing out to Tybee to see Miley (that rhymes I think). Isn't it nice to know that in the scheme of things a teenage (what is she, singer/actress, Disney darling?) girl and the millions she'll bring to the island will make my summer so much better than going to the beach would. They're only going to be filming till the middle of August so we might make it out there by September.

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