Sunday, June 28, 2009

His Name is ....

Mac has been painting for years and since he retired he's been working at it professionally, selling numerous paintings and doing onsite painting in local clubs. A man, who shall remain nameless ( but it's the same as a cancelled NBC sitcom call My Name is E**l) saw one of his horse paintings in a club and called to commission a painting of a famous racehorse from the early 1900's. He showed Mac pictures of the horse (in black and white), showed him pictures of an Arabian ( which is not the breed he wanted), but he liked the color and stance, though he wanted Mac to change the direction of the horse. In other words he had a million nitpicking things he wanted done. Mac, who enjoys a challenge, painted the horse and it was gorgous! The man came out to pick it up, studied it, liked it, though he wondered about the mane, and decided that Mac had to change the ears a little. Satisfied, he paid Mac extra and commissioned another painting, of his dead dog. Again, a million instructions, particularly about the dogs ruff in front, he wanted it smooth as if it had been combed. Mac really worked on that dog, particularly the ruff, he painted it the way it should be, then made it smooth the way the man wanted it, and hated it. He really agonized over that dog, he knew how the dog should look, but decided the customer is always right, even when he doesn't have a clue. I got thoroughly sick of seeing that dog sitting on Mac's easel, but the dog is beautiful, looks like you could pet him, except the ruff, it just looks strange, but that's what E***l wanted. So E**l picks up the painting, loves it, pays for it and leaves. Then last night when we were out dancing E**l tracks us down and wants to know if Mac can change the ruff, to make it look like it should have looked , instead of what E**l had ordered, even offered to pay extra. Mac smiled and agreed, I'd have told good ol' E**l to put the painting where the sun don't shine. Here's hoping E**l finds someone else to paint his next picture. If you look at the picture you'll see the ruff as it should not be.

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