Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

When we first moved here we had to buy a lawn mower as we had left ours in California, we didn't bring it because Mac said he couldn't remember whether we even had a lawn at the new house.  Well, the house sets on nearly anacre and most of it is grass, so we needed a mower.  Mac,  in a mood of economy (notice I didn't say cheap), bought a gas push mower.  After suffering for 2 years I convinced him to buy a riding mower.  Not quite like the one in the picture, but close.  He did the lawn for a couple more years, but complained the mower was killing his back because it bounced him around so much.  He tried putting a cushion on it, but it didn't really help.  Finally I told him that the problem wasn't the tractor it was his bottom, for like Hank Hill, the man has no a** (what he has is quite cute, it's just that there isn't much of it).  So I with a larger than life rear end started mowing the lawn, and I love it.  Except for running into a tree (the tractor doesn't quite steer like a car)  the first time I rode it I have a great time doing it.  Just finished in fact and except for suffering heat stroke I had a great time! Thought I'd throw in a might be a redneck... picture.

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