Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Just back from our latest trip to Maryland/DC, I always say both places because our daughter lives in Maryland, but we spend all our time in DC.  Saw 2 great plays, Rock and Roll and Arcadia.  Both of them are by Tom Stoppard, our favorite playwright. We've seen Arcadia before, saw it in London sometime in the mid-90's, can't remember exactly when.  Loved it then loved it now, though this version was a bit different, changed for an American audience perchance.
Love going to live theatre and we don't get much chance to do that down here in the wilds of 
Georgia.  Saw Camelot 2 years ago in Chicago, Moliere last year in DC, will miss Jersey Boys in Atlanta and won't go to Legally Blonde (Mac dislikes musicals and won't even consider this one).

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  1. we loved Jersey Boys! I think I am going to miss Legally Blonde, too b/c I leave for NY on the 15th. We are seeing Wicked while there (saw it in Atlanta, but I am sure B'way will be much better!)


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