Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Musings

Outside of planting a big red Geranium in a pot for the deck by the pool and putting some Sunflowers in another I haven't done much  in the garden lately.  For some reason May has decided that it wants to be July and it has been very hot and humid.  We were supposed to go down the coast to Shellman's Bluff this week, but decided to wait for a break in the weather.  And my poison ivy just won't go away.  I keep coating myself with the ointment the Doctor prescribed and taking my antihistamine and the poison ivy keeps spreading.  The worse patch has dried up but it left behind lots of stepchildren on both legs, and now my husband has a patch and he's never had poison ivy either.  So I've been staying indoors a bit to avoid heat and evil plants.
Anyway, my garden blooms on without me.  The Gardenias are heading into full bloom, just ask my runny nose and eyes, 
and the Mimosa tree is in full flower.  I really like Mimosas even though they're very invasive and I have to pull a ton of them up each year.

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  1. Poor you with poison ivy, we don't have it over here thank goodness but I've seen and avoided it in the US when I've been visiting. I hope the heat and humidity has eased, indoors doing nothing is the only answer when you have those two things together.


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