Monday, May 10, 2010

A Monday in May

Because they gave a forecast for temperatures only in the 70's we decided to go back out to Tybee Beach today.  This time Mac was going surf fishing and I was going to try to paint Tybee Lighthouse again.  I've painted it several times but I've never really been happy with the results.  So we parked by  old Ft. Screven a coastal fort that's now a museum.  Mac went to fish and I walked all the way around the lighthouse to see if I could find a better view for they were unloading an old wooden house on the front side.  But I decided that I'd sit where I always do on a wooden bench in front  and paint.
And paint I did, but I've finally decided that the lighthouse doesn't like me
 and I'm reaching the point where I don't like it either.  In other words I'm not very happy with my painting.
When Mac came back he said he hadn't caught anything that the water was too rough so he'd searched for fossilized shark's teeth and had found a number of small ones.
We packed up the car and headed off to the Crab Shack for lunch.  It's nothing special, and indeed today it was less than that.  Mac had his usual Low Country Boil and I had a half pound of steamed shrimp.  I figure that with the mess down in the Gulf that soon shrimp here will be sky high so I should enjoy them while I can.  The shrimp were  fine, but for some reason we were again stuck with a waitress who wasn't much interested in serving.  When we got our drinks and we asked for cups to pour them into she disappeared and we ended up getting our own cups.
I alway grumble when we eat at the "Shack" because they don't have salads, and to me a meal without a salad isn't really a meal, so when I got home I had a small one.
It was beautiful at the beach, and though neither of our efforts was very successful we had a good day, any day you don't have to work and you get to play is a good day.

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