Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've Been Working

I've been working, well not really, I don't do that any more, but I have been working on a new desk for me.
I actually wanted a vintage one, but our local antique shop had nothing resembling one and I knew the stores in Savannah would want an arm, a leg and our first born child ---and we only have one--- for any kind of desk.  So I searched online and decided that even if I found one shipping would kill me so I broke down and got one, and a chair, from Walmart.  They didn't have any white ones, which is what I really wanted so I knew I'd have to paint it.
Mac kindly put it together for me and I started painting it, I realized I probably should have sanded it before painting but it was too late for that.  It ended up taking 3 coats.  So before I painted the chair I sanded it and guess what, it took 3 coats too!
The chair had an ugly brown cover on the seat so I recovered that and made a little pillow for my back.
This is what I have been using to sew on and scrapbook on and do everything on---not the most attractive or stable workspace.  Now I need to clean up my area and get to work.
I presently working of a project for Mac for Father's Day, I got him the new treadmill he was needing, but I want to make him something sweet too, hope he likes it.

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  1. What a transformation! You'll enjoy working now with that lovely desk and chair. Well done x


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