Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Can't Go Home Again

Well Thomas Wolfe was right, you can't go home, and in our case you're better off not going back to a restaurant you liked in the past.  We made that mistake yesterday returning to a restaurant we'd thoroughly enjoyed  on our last visit, we were still raving about their shrimp and lump crab quiche.  And as luck would have it that quiche was the only good thing we had yesterday.
It took almost 10 minutes for our drinks to show up, another 10 to get a glass of water, a long wait for our order to be taken and the waitress tried to rush off before we were finished giving it. The salads we'd enjoyed previously, a tasty mixture of greens, tomatoes and what tasted like homemade salad dressing appeared at our table as a crouton cube and dust mess with faux bacon bits and cruddy little cheese shavings---I hate cheese on my salad.  They were not good, but we'd waited a long time to get food in front of us so we ate, hoping that the appetizer that should have come first might still show up before our entrees.  But it was not to be.  Someone in the restaurant has got to figure out that an appetizer, also known as a starter, is called that because it's supposed to "tease you appetite, get you started", it's not the same when it shows up with your entree.
And our phantom waitress only spoke to us once more wanting to know if we wanted another drink, I guess our lack of thirst convinced her we could be left on our own to enjoy our meal, which we did not.  They weren't good.  The quiche was of course delicious, but my Shrimp Po' Boy was blah, Mac's Blackened Shrimp were all spice no shrimp.  We decided to take the shrimp and quiche home with us but couldn't get the attention of  the waitress who was kneeling on the floor (hands on the floor too--doesn't that do a lot for your appetite)  talking to friends at another table, so we  instead wrapped our food in a napkin, went to the cash register to pay, though we had no bill, the waitress rushed up apologizing, we gave her a $2.00 on a $45.00 bill, probably the lowest tip we've ever given.  She probably cursed us, well I'm visiting the restaurant's website and cursing her.


  1. What a disapointment come you gave any tip ...I certainly would not have.

    Loved the photos on your last post

  2. Having been a waitress for a Long Time, I probably would have yelled across the room to her for the bill (if not for the other "issues") and left no tip. I always did hate that "hangin' around chattin' with friends" thing when we were supposed to be serving people...

  3. I've been a waitress too and I was a good one, this one was not, but we always tip, even when they're bad.


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