Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the Catbird Seat

To be in the catbird seat is to be in charge, well that's definitely Miss Kitty.  She's had a window perch in the computer room for a couple of years.  But the view is less than thrilling, it overlooks the two air conditioning units, which are usually good for a couple of lounging lizards but not much else.  Mac added a bird feeder but the squirrels took it over and after the first thrill of something furry outside her window she has decided that she doesn't really like the squirrels.  Another problem with this perch is that in the summer it gets a lot of sun and she melts there.
So a couple of weeks ago Mac put another feeder up outside the family room window.  At first he put it low, but the birds were less than appreciative of the cat staring at them, singing in her less than melodic way, while they tried to eat, so they stopped using it.  He had to move it up a bit and that seemed to make all involved happier.
So this has become Kitty's favorite location.  Only problem was that she was wider than the window sill.  Yesterday Mac made her a new perch and I made a cover for it.  She was a little doubtful at first, but we convinced her that the green complimented her eyes, so all is well. 

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