Friday, May 21, 2010


I've always had a fascination with faeries, loved reading stories about them, loved drawings and paintings of them, and absolutely loved the movie Fairy Tale about the Cottingley Fairies-----saw one of the girl's daughter and grandaughter on the Antique Road Show with the fairy pictures and the camera they took them with. 
Most of my life I have never done anything in the way of drawing or painting.
 But a few years ago, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's beautiful faery pictures I decided to see if I could draw them too.
I used colored pencil and made many copies.  I was thrilled, I could draw.
up on my interest in faeries a couple of years ago my daughter April gave me a faery house which I put in the garden.  This year I've planted Impatiens in front of it and
 Mac and Miss Kitty gave me a little bear on a swing for Mother's Day and we hung it in the tree behind the house.
Hope someone nice moves alligators need apply.


  1. Are these your drawings? They are brilliant! I can't believe you could go through most of your life not knowing you could draw. I love fairies too and have several of Cicely Mary Barker's books. I know the book about the Cottingley Fairies but I haven't seen the film so must try and find it on DVD.

  2. Rowan, yes they're my drawings, i was amazed they turned out for I truly had never drawn anything before. They're getting a bit faded and my husband says I need to do them in oils or watercolors.

  3. As usual, your talents amaze me!!


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