Monday, May 3, 2010

She's Back.......

Yes, just when we thought we were safe the Snake Lady slithered back into our lives.  We were out dancing Friday night when she grabbed me, kissed me (oh dear, these Southerners with their hugs and kisses) and wished me a happy birthday.  I told her it wasn't my birthday, but rather the lady at the table next to us (the band had just played Happy Birthday for her).
She said that was ok that I should have a happy birthday anyway, it was obvious that she'd inbibed in more than a few a the local spirits and wanted to spread the spirit around.
She said she'd soon  be 50 and thought she looked good for her age and I agreed, trying to inch my way out the door, telling her that I was **(older than dirt) and she was dismayed saying I looked better than her and I was at least a 100 years older.  I continued my inching out the door and made it back to our table, but alas she followed.  And again insisted that we needed to travel with her and her husband because they needed someone to travel with.... they were going to Maine and New Hampshire in the Fall, I told her we were unavailable because we were going to England.
She insisted that we'd love camping with them at KOA (Kamping of America), they're wooden frames with a tent over them.  I assured her that my idea of roughing it was using Room Service.  But again she iterated that they needed us, though I told her that the last people we'd traveled with, Mac's brother and his then girlfriend, but now wife had ended up with us almost not speaking for years.  
I guess she finally got the hint, hint hell!, and left us to finish our evening.
Thus came the Snake Lady!

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