Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update on New Year's Resolutions

We have just finished a third of the year, I'm a third older, guess that's better than being half older.  Blankety blank and a third sounds better than blankety blank and a half, I think.
Anyway,   January and February lasted forever and then March and April zoomed out of here like they had a late date or something.  Be that as it may, I need to revisit my New Year's Resolutions and see if I'm making any progress or is this going to be a case of gone and better forgotten?
My first resolution was to get  my last will and testament written, this one has been hanging over my head for years threatening to give my estate to the government if I didn't make some provision for it, and I finally did.  Not only did I write my will I wrote Macs' as well, I figured that as long as I was giving all of my "stuff" away ,  I might as well distribute his as well.  So wills have been written, witnessed,  placed in a safety deposit box and instructions given to our daughter who will follow them or be haunted.
Number two resolution was to join Weight Watchers, get rid of my baggy clothes and lose some weight.  Well, I joined Weight Watchers, cut out all snacks and cokes, exercised more, bought myself a hula hoop and managed to gain weight.  But I did get my Doctor to admit that the massive amounts of one of my medications is probably the reason for the weight and the benefits of the medication outweigh (ha, ha!) its side effects.  So I'll keep the baggy clothes and try even harder, maybe I can trick my body into at least misplacing some weight.
The next resolution had to do with updating my address book and getting rid of the boozy bar napkins that hold many of our friend's phone numbers.  This has sort of been done.  I ordered a great looking Address Book from Amazon, put all the old numbers into it, and then began to stuff it with more  bar napkins with new phone numbers, someday they'll get permanent status, if the friendships last long enough.
My desktop was my next project and for the most part it's done.  I cleaned it off, you can see the desktop itself and I haven't let it build back up to disaster levels yet.   I can find tape, pens, bills that need paying and the timer I use for boiling eggs.  But it's only been 4 months so we'll see.
Travel was the next item in my resolutions, , I wanted to travel more this year and so far we've been able to do that.  We've made day trips to St. Simon's Island, Hilton Head Island, Tybee Island and we're going to Sapelo Island next week. One Saturday we went  into Savannah for a boat ride.  We've also taken a trip to the Florida Keys,  and later this month we're flying up to Baltimore to see our daughter and September is our trip to England, and Mac is already at work on our trip to Costa Rica.  So that has really gone well.
And probably most rewarding of all I have really gotten into our family histories.  I joined and have found a ton of stuff about my family, boy have we been here a long time, and connected with a 3rd cousin I'd never met and a 2nd cousin I hadn't seen since I was a teenager.  I've seen pictures of my family I'd never seen before and learned I'm more English than Irish, as much Swiss as German.  Now I need to put it all together to share with the rest of my family.
So all in all I've made good progress, maybe publishing resolutions does help.

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  1. I've been thinking about revisiting my resolutions as well...I think I'm afraid! I know one of them was to come and see, it's time we planned that.


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