Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Our New Couch
We were up early today, we've become  real slug-a--beds since we've retired, because the delivery time for our new couch was between 7am (and I never voluntarily get up at this time) and 11am so we wanted to be up and moving before they came.  Our friends who were buying our old couch picked it up last night so I had a nice empty spot waiting to be filled.
We were also waiting for the bug man to come and do an extra spraying, living in a swamp is always an adventure and help is often needed.
So while we waited I decided to get my first (of the year) jars of peach jam made.  We've been eating store bought jam  for a while and it's been pretty tasteless.  Driving home Sunday I spotted a stand selling peaches and we bought a small basket (they were vastly over-priced and the man selling them annoyed me so I won't be buying from him again) of what looked like nectarines but definitely tasted like peaches.  They were quite ripe and I knew I had to get the jam made soon, so while waiting for everyone to show up, I peeled, pitted, cooked, filled jars and I just got it done when both the furniture delivers and the bug man showed up.

The couch was quickly delivered, the house was sprayed (the cat was locked up in the computer room) and we went for a walk to let the stuff sprayed dry up.   We're now camped out with the cat and I still have a million things to do.

Garden Has Turned Into Day Lily Heaven

Part of Our Walk, the Bridge Over the Lagoon


  1. Peach jam sounds delicious living in a swamp doesn't sound so great though!

  2. Living in a swamp is very interesting. LOL

  3. I like your new couch; I like the bridge over your lagoon; and I esp. like Mac's painting (from a very evocative photo).


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