Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Road Again

Sitting by the computers last Friday Mac turned to me and said,"Would you like to go to England for our anniversary this year?  We can get a really good deal on first class."  After I picked myself up from the floor,  I said of course I want to go and I'd love to go first class, we usually go cattle class.
We had planned on going to England or Spain next year but hadn't planned any big trips for this year.  But England is hosting the Olympics next summer and Mac, who is a Spaniard, said he didn't know if he could put up with the Spaniards, so England this year won over England next year, although knowing us we'll probably end up there again next year too.
So I've spent the weekend glued to the computer screen (oh my poor eyes) looking for a cottage.  Many of them are already booked up for when we want to go and the areas we're interested in are very popular--Gloustershire, Wiltshire or Somerset, so the search has not been easy.
We have a call and an e-mail into the firm we booked with last year and hope to hear from them soon.  I've narrowed the search down to 2 cottages and either one would be great.  So fingers crossed.


  1. So you are coming to visit (and what's wrong with Yorkshire? only kidding!) I think half the fun of a trip is the planning, have fun

  2. Went to York about 10 years ago and loved it, particularly the city of York and Middleham Castle.


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