Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Some Random Thoughts

I've been cruising the internet and as always I'm amazed by what's going on out there.
For example:  Leroy Fick a winner of $2,000,000 in the Michigan lottery is still eligible for Food Stamps and plans on still getting them.  With his winnings he bought a house, a car, and invested the rest, and as such he has a low enough income level to qualify.  I thing if I were a Michigan tax payer I'd be rather upset by this.
Then there's San Francisco that has decided to place an initiative on the November ballot to ban circumcisions in males under the age of 18.  Strange, they won't ban abortions that kill babies but they'll ban the removal of a useless piece of skin.
Next we have Van Jones a former something or another in the Obama  Administration who is working towards having human rights granted to Mother Nature.  He wants recognition that trees, oceans, mountains and animals have the same rights as human beings.  This is beyond bizarre.
Lastly Saturday, and I guess I just haven't been  paying attention, is the Day of Rapture, Christ is coming calling his own home and the rest of humanity is in the pooh.  I was planning on sleeping late because we go out dancing on Friday nights, but now I guess I'll have to get up early.

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