Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ogeechee River

We live near the Ogeechee River, the lagoon in our backyard is a tributary of Redbird Creek that feeds into the Ogeechee, and now there's been a rather large fish kill in the river.  It spans 5 counties and the authorities aren't sure what's happening.  The first dead fish were spotted near a textile treatment plant, but the EPA has checked them out and said they're not the source of the kill.  They've also checked the oxygen levels in the river and they appear to be ok.  Samples of the dead fish, the river  water and soil from the river  have all been sent off for testing.  Several dead alligators have also been found and they're theorizing that they died from eating the fish.
In the mean time people are being told not to swim in the river nor eat any fish from it, and that's what sensible people should do.  What non-sensible people are doing is spreading weird rumors about what is causing the kill.  Would you believe that it's UFO's causing the problem?  Or better yet that the radiation levels in the river are high because of the leakage from the crippled Japanese nuclear plants?
Some people need to get a better grip on reality.
We're just hoping that it won't affect the wildlife in our lagoon, not even the 2 alligators.

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  1. Whatever it is I hope they find the cause soon and are able to do something about it. If it's killing alligators it must be something pretty bad. Probably not UFOs though:)


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