Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Hard to Believe

This is What it Looked Like
We've been having trouble with the fan on the air conditioner in Mac's Miata and because it's still under warranty I called the dealership and made an appointment to take it in.  Got up at the crack of dawn (7am and it felt like dawn), breakfast and over to Savannah to drop the car off.  We returned at noon to get an estimate on when it would de done and whether we'd have to leave it and come back another day to pick it up.
The man in the service department said he'd just tried to call us, that they'd found the problem, a mouse had built a nest in our fan, and he showed it to us.  It was hard to believe, we park our car in the garage, have never had a mouse problem ( I betting the snakes eat all of them) and we do drive the car, so seeing the fan full of fluff was a bit of a shock.

These aren't my photos, I didn't have my camera with me so I "borrowed" them, but this is exactly what it looked like.  Mac is going to check our other car to see if there are any nests in it.  And needless to say mice nests are not covered by our warranty.
This is What it Should Have Looked Like

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  1. There's something ironic about a mouse's nest fouling up our high-tech vehicles. We see mice out around the yard in spite of the "barn kittens" who are very diligent mousers.


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