Thursday, May 26, 2011

Southern Traditions

When it is 11dy million degrees outside, as it has been this week, a good Southerner's thoughts turn to cooling off.  And what better way to cool off than with a cool glass of sweet iced tea.  I love sweet tea, made only as they make it in the south, so sweet that your spoon could almost stand in it.  I order it whenever we go out to eat.  But at home I'm a little more calorie conscience and my sweet tea has only 5 calories a glass and tastes almost as sweet.
As for the peaches behind the tea I'm making a load of sweet Georgia peach jam tomorrow.


  1. O how I wish for Warmth just 5 degrees would do it or even 3, we have a fire burning in the stove and above us a north wind blows.
    Not sure about sweet cold tea, though I do like cold black tea & coffee too.
    Those peaches look delicious yum one of my favourite fruits.

  2. You have to have a real sweet tooth to appreciate iced sweet tea.

  3. Please send me some sun here in England! It's sunny but with a cold wind and it's very cold in the shade.
    I would love some peach jam on my toast!

  4. Kath, we're going to England in September, I'll bring some with me.

  5. So that's where the warmth has gone to. We're having much the same weather as England here so just now I prefer my tea steaming hot, thankyou!


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