Saturday, May 14, 2011

Manor Houses

Reading Rowan's post about visiting Kentwell Hall for a Tudor Reenactment (do visit her blog  Circle of the Year the pictures are wonderful) reminded me how much I like manor houses.  They're so much more interesting than castles and through the years we've visited a few in England.
My 3 favorites are:
 Baddesley Clinton a moated manor house near Warwick that was built in the late 13th century

Lower Brockhampton another moated manor house, it is near Bromyard and also dates from  the late 14th century.

And Stokesay Castle (it's not, it has crenalation but it's a manor house not a castle) is 13th century and is located near Craven Arms.  It's not moated but wonderful anyway,

We've visited all of these manors numerous times and painted them many times, but my favorite is an oil painting Mac did of Lower Brockhamton.

I've been looking at estate agent pictures from England and I've decided that if we ever win the lottery we're going to but a manor house!


  1. Oh my they are gorgeous homes.
    I bet the gardens are also amazing.

  2. Baddesley Clinton looks wonderful, haven't been there but must try and put that right. Stokeay Castle I have been to and it's a fascinating place. I really like Mac's painting of Lower Brockhampton.

  3. Lovely! What a super painting. Hope Mac is enjoying painting from the photo of the man on my Haddon Hall post - can't wait to see the finished work:) I've been to all three of those houses and agree with you how wonderful they are! We may be going to one of them at the end of this week - we are off to the theatre at Stratford with friends and they want to visit Baddesley Clinton on the way home:)

  4. Oh I love all three of those houses. Baddesley Clinton and Lower Brockhampton are both quite near where I live and Stokesay isn't too far either.


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