Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tudor Painting

This is Rosie's Original Photo
 Seems like we've had a busy weekend with a community yardsale that helped move some of our "treasures" to  new homes (the rest will be heading off to Goodwill shortly) and grocery shopping to replenish Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboards.
Mac has also been working on the Tudor painting based on a photo the Rosie let me borrow from her blog Corners of My Mind and I thought I show some of his progress.  He's planning on changing some of the objects at the bottom of the picture to add a little color, but so far I think it's great.


  1. That is looking very good - it was quite a surprise to see that photgraph at the beginning of your post, I'd forgotten that Mac is doing a painting from Rosie's photograph.

  2. Oh, wow - it's great to see the work in progress - it is looking really good - thanks for sharing the painting process with us:) It sounds as if you are doing what we should be doing namely de-cluttering a yard sale sounds interesting.

  3. it really coming along, can't wait to see it all done.


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