Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Simon's Island

Lighthouse at St. Simon's Island
We went down to St. Simon's Island yesterday to do a bit of fishing.  St. Simon's, the largest of the Golden Isles,  is one of Georgia's barrier islands, home of the wealthy, playground for visiting northerners and a great place to spend a day.
Mac had hoped to fish for sea trout, but found out it was too early in the year.  We caught nothing, I'm not even sure I ever even had a bite.  But then again I'm not much of a fisherman, I just hold a pole to keep Mac company.
I sat in the sheltered part of the pier to stay out of the sun a bit (it was well up in the 80's yesterday) and I painted a small painting of the lighthouse.  I then tried to feed the local pelican, the lady at the bait store said his name was George, but he didn't seem to like shrimp nearly as much as he liked posing for pictures.
We had a nice lunch sitting on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking the water and then home.




  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! The Golden Isles - such a romantic name.

  2. lovely painting and I like the idea of a pelican named George!

  3. You know, I would give a WHOLE LOT to be at an ocean just now. sigh.


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