Monday, April 2, 2012

Days Fly By...

If I had wings like the days have I'd be flying down the road or at least that's how it feels.  We've spent a bit of time been working in the yard and garden after liberally spraying ourselves with DEET.  The mosquitoes have been particularly vicious this spring, biting through the insect repellant, through clothing, through whatever it's necessary to go through to get to you.  Yesterday was really bad, there were swarms of them, Mac says that as their breeding cycle goes on they get that way and then should die down a bit, here's hoping!
Saturday was spent having a security system put in our house.  There was one here when we moved in, but we never had it activated and all the little bits on the windows have slowly fallen off.  Lately though, and spurred on by Mac's brother who has a system, we decided that with all the traveling we do that we ought to have a security system.  So that was Saturday,  I really like the system, it's very easy to use, and we haven't set it off accidentally, so that's good.

It rained most of Saturday too, good for the garden, even better for the mosquitoes, have to make sure that everything that can hold water is dumped.  We also discovered that the beaver, who obviously survived his encounter with the local alligator, came into our yard and gnawed down a couple of trees.  There must be a couple thousand trees between us and the beaver lodge, so why does he come all the way up here?  Time to paint the trees with chili paste again.
Sunday my lilies had all started blooming, they're gorgeous!  Everything is blooming so quickly that I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything.
Friday I finally finished the afghan I've been working on since last fall.  I like crocheting afghans when it's cool, but as soon as it turns warm they're uncomfortable to have on you.  So  Friday I turned on daytime tv (my God it's bad) and got it done!  I think its colors really match the room well.
Today I'm making bread and doing laundry, and I need to work on the cover for my bread machine, we'll see.


  1. I'm amazed - lilies at this time of year? My lilies won't be out till about July!

  2. You have been busy. Everything is blooming early here too but it has turned cold again and there is snow in Scotland, probably heading south later in the week. I hope the blossoms and the birds and their babies will be OK, everything has arrived too early this year.


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