Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Great Gift

For Christmas last December my daughter gave me a great gift, a bag to microwave potatoes in.  I love the convenience of microwave potatoes, but it's definitely true that the microwave, which cooks from the inside out, really dries potatoes out.  Well this little bag holds the steam that comes off the potatoes as they cook and puts it back into the potatoes and you end up with lovely, moist, baked potatoes.  The directions with the bag recommends cooking the potatoes part way and then turning the bag over.  I did that the first time or two I used it, but since then I just throw the bag, with the potatoes inside, into the microwave and cook, they turn out fine.  It can be used for peppers and other veggies too.
 I highly recommend it and it looks great.

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