Friday, March 15, 2013

Notes From the Swamp

Up early this morning, something we've given up doing since retiring, but they were finally here to install our new shower, will tell you about that tomorrow.
I started Spring Cleaning yesterday, I moaned the whole time--Mac asked why I was doing this to myself, but I have to give the house a really deep cleaning before summer because I know that once it turns really hot here about all I'll do is give everything a lick and a promise.
I started with our bedroom and it took all afternoon and that didn't include the bathroom because I'm waiting till the new shower is in before I do it.
I "Think" This is the Color I Want
Up next is my craft room, also known as the white bedroom when it's color can be picked out from all my mess.  It's not going to stay white too much longer, I have plans to paint a least part of it  a dusty pink.
Through the year as I've sewn and worked up there things have been pulled out and not put back so it needs a bit of work.

The Closet of Shame
In other news Savannah is getting ready for its yearly drunken bash known as St. Patrick's Day, more than a million (I can't even believe I'm writing that number) people showed up last year.  We never to near Savannah this time of year, drunk and disorderly I do not need.


  1. I love dusty pink colour, the walls should look fabulous. I hate spring cleaning unless I am in the mood (rare nowadays!).

  2. We all have a Closet of Shame. (Some of us have entire Rooms of Shame.) :)

    That pink is lovely.

  3. Every time I clean it feels like it is spring cleaning because things get so dusty and dirty on a daily basis. And every time I do it, my husband asks why I bother myself. Men and boys just don't see the messes we do. I have closets, drawers, baskets and totes of shame -- they all start out neat and tidy but doesn't take long for the mess to accumulate and take on a life of its own. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  4. Thanks for the comments and welcome to Tammy, saw your profile and I'll bet you do deal with dust.


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