Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well and Truly Hooked

I like a good mystery, Mac does not, but what we both like is a good story, great scenery and interesting characters.  We love Poirot and watch him repeatedly (nobody says, "I say", better than Hastings), but it was time to find something new.
We'd seen previews of several British crime series  and decided to give one, namely Midsomer Murders, a try.  I knew it was a long running series so I ordered the first one from Netflix,  The Murders at Badger's Drift, and we loved it.  Great character actors who look their age, no botox here--American shows only have beautiful people.  It's fun to pick out people we know from other movies and shows---oh look, there's Daisy from Keeping Up Appearances, and isn't that Stephan from As Time Goes By?
Each one is about 100 minutes long and we've been going through them about 2 a week.  Love the English villages, we're assuming the stories are supposed to take place in the county of Somerset, the gardens, the gossip, the tittle-tattle, they way everyone lies.
We like Sgt. Troy and the fact he can't drive worth a flip and his investigations are never by the book.
We like DCI Barnaby and his family.
Watched Death's Shadow last night (they're killing folk off in Badger's Drift again) and coming up this weekend will be Beyond the Grave.
As I said, we're well and truly hooked.


  1. I used to watch it once upon a time but gave it up long ago... It just got too much (like many other series that did not know when to stop). Enjoy as long as you enjoy, though! :)

  2. I might like that--although I prefer to read rather than watch TV. An English setting enhances most any story line.


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