Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration

I saw this on Pinterest and thought what a great idea, no more tooth paste mess, no more yucky sandwich bags (that's how I usually transport our toothbrushes), just throw it in the wash after a trip.
The ones I saw were colorful, but the only hand towel I had around that was small enough to use was a rather blah oatmeal color.  So I decided to embellish it with some yellow flower trim.  Turned out pretty well, except I didn't get the ties on well enough and one fell one during our trip to Florida, but I resewed it yesterday and it's ready to go again.


  1. I have a plastic toothbrush holder that I use for travelling, but this is a pretty smart (and more attractive!) idea.

  2. Do you just LOVE Pinterest?? It's a black hole as far as time goes, but I find such great stuff!!


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