Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Antique Restriction

Mac and I are both on antique restriction.  When we went to pick up my music cabinet from the dealer he found a settle that converts into a table and fell in love with it.    He has been looking for a settle forever.  We almost bought one in England, but the dealer wanted a fortune and we knew shipping would cost an arm, a leg and our first born feline, so we didn't buy.
But when he spotted the one at the dealers last week, was hemming and hawing even though the price was more than reasonable I knew he had to get it. It's a lovely dark oak, hand carved with a leopard, an eagle and a green man.  The dealer said that it could be as early as 1890 and no later than 1910, about what we thought.   So when we got home I called the dealer and told him we'd be back to buy it.
It's setting up in the "pub" area upstairs and looks great.  Now Mac has decided to sand down and restain his "pub" to match it.

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  1. It's lovely - and how nice to have a pub to put it in!


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