Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's About Time

I was at Wally World this week and I was ready to check out so I picked the shortest line I could find, there were just 2 people in front of me.  I thought it would go pretty quickly but it didn't.  There was a little old lady who looked to be about 100 (all right I lied, she looked to be about my age) pulled out her checkbook to pay for her purchases and it took forever.  She wrote the check, handed it to the cashier, dug in her wallet to find a picture ID, had to write something on her check, and then hand it back to the cashier.   I was standing there thinking, why is she using a check, why not a Debit Card or a Credit Card or a last resort cash?  I hate it when people pay with checks, it takes forever and a day.
Then it hit me, I never pay with checks when out shopping, then why do I carry a whopping big wallet that has a checkbook in it?  There is no answer to that, so I'm pulling my checkbook out and putting it away, it's about time.


  1. Very few shops accept cheques as payment over here in the UK these days.

  2. I think I have one (1) check left. Haven't used any in years...

  3. I dropped the big clunky checkbook wallet years ago and have never missed it. I keep one "emergency check" stashed away in my small, flat credit card / ID wallet, but I've never needed it yet.
    Enjoying your blog,
    2nd cousin Monica


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