Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Spring

It's officially spring, the vernal equinox arrived at 7:02 AM this morning and even though it was much warmer yesterday (well up in the 70's) today actually feels more like spring.  It's a bit overcast, there's a chance of a shower later and it's a bit breezy.
On our walk today I was admiring our neighbors Azaleas, they're just beautiful.  Our plants are still quite small even after nearly 10 years.  Mac says we don't water enough, but you know what, this is the south, we live in a swamp and by golly there should be plenty of water without me getting a hose out.  So no pictures of our Azaleas, but the Wisteria is coming along nicely.

Our Wisteria

                 The Canada Geese are back, in fact many of them never leave anymore.

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