Saturday, August 19, 2017

It's Rolled Around to Saturday Again

Where does the time go!  So hot here, 97º yesterday and Lord only knows what it is today.  My thermometer reads Too D••n Hot.º
Cleaned bathrooms and made potato salad this morning, whoops, reverse that, I made potato salad and then cleaned the 3 downstairs bathrooms, the upstairs bathrooms are on their own until it cools down.  We don't use them and they're probably just dusty.
Visit with a good friend yesterday, our favorite Redneck, he's in a bit of dilemma .  He's selling a big piece of property for a LOT of money, but the deal will take months to go through because of needing county and state permission for what the buyer's want to do with the land.  In the meantime 2 of his renters have moved out of some other pieces of property, it took all his ready cash to restore one of the houses and he's in a cash bind.  Not asking for money, he's not that kind of person, just advice.  So we gave advice and as always he did something for us,  he cut up the tree that fell down last week and left us his power washer so Mac can clean the house, providing the temperature drops below "the sun is going to kill you line".
Meals have been rather light around here, tuna and deviled egg sandwiches yesterday.  So today it's barbecued pork ribs.  Too hot to turn the stove on, that's why the potato salad was made first thing this morning.

Have to show you something Mac gave me.  A while back I bought a lot of Silverplate serving forks on Ebay.  Had no idea what I was going to do with them, but they were so pretty and so reasonable that I had to have them.  Since then they have languished in a kitchen drawer getting tarnished.  Well we celebrate the 17th of each month (because we met on the 17th of March when we were just teenagers) and give each other gifts we wouldn't buy for ourselves.  He cleaned my forks, painted a cabinet and gave me such a pretty gift.  There are 2 other forks, but there was only room for 4 in the cabinet.  He sprayed them so they won't tarnish again.  Just love it.  Please excuse my reflection, it was the only way to take the picture without taking the cabinet off the wall.
Started a rather interesting book The Year of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books (and Two Not-So-Great Ones) Saved My Life  .  His plan is to read at least 10 "great" books that he's never read, though he has frequently claimed he had.  He starts with Middlemarch and almost gave us on the whole project until his wife advised him to try just reading 50 pages a day.  That worked and he eventually became totally engrossed in the story, ended up loving it.  Middlemarch has been sitting on my Kindle for more than a year, maybe I'll try this method too.

 I also finished one I'm glad I only paid $1.95 for.  It was:  When I'm Gone  by Emily Bleeker.  I finished it last night, couldn't sleep and I was hoping it would put me to sleep, it wasn't even good enough for that.

Time to go and sweat my way through the Classics (on the piano) and then work my body through music on my Mp3.

Hope you're having a cooler weekend than I am.


  1. It feels like November here.... not hot at all. I hope it does cool down for you soon. Three downstairs bathrooms sounds like a lot of bathrooms to clean, I am glad we only have two :-) The fork cabinet is really nice, what a thoughtful present. x

  2. I do like your cabinet, such a lovely way to display the forks. You wouldn't believe it's summer here, I've actually had the heating on this afternoon, madness!

  3. Only 88 here, but that's hot enough!
    I like your for display! I have a bunch of old silver plate - I had plans of making 'spoon rings' and then found out my hands can't do the work. If I didn't have so much lead in my behind, I could make chimes ...

  4. If it was that hot here I wouldn't entertain cleaning the bathrooms, you must have lots of energy.
    What a lovely gift Mac gave you - love the cabinet and it looks so pretty holding the forks.

  5. Love your spoons. The one on the far right is from my grandmother's pattern and I still have many pieces from it. She didn't have this serving fork, but I have very fond memories of the berry spoon she let me play with in the garden. Hope your weather cools off soon!

  6. Love that cabinet with the forks, what a clever idea to use them for a displa like that!

  7. It's been unseasonably cool in our part of France today but pleasant to take the dog for a walk. That's a lovely gift Mac made you.

  8. 99 degrees here today. Supposed to be 100 tomorrow. :(

    I love your gift! Very thoughtful and creative. Though the flatware my parents owned and used my entire life is only stainless, I put a place setting of it in a shadow box after my mother passed, and it hangs in my dining room. I love seeing it there.

  9. So sweet and romantic.. Love the way you celebrate 17th...

  10. Three downstairs bathrooms, how many upstairs?? The most bathrooms I've had in houses we have lived in were 3 bathrooms and one of them was a half bathroom (sink and toilet only). Where we used to live before we moved to Phoenix had 2 bathrooms. We didn't use the shower/bath in one so only had to clean toilet/sink/mirrors/floors in that one and monthly I'd clean the tub/shower.

    Very thoughtful gift from your husband and such a sweet tradition!

    Cooling down a bit here (still mid 100s) but got into the pool today after about a month of not being in it(long story, busy) and found the temperature was 90 degrees (93 degrees the last time in). I said to hubby "Monday night we are going into the pool, its going to start getting too cold for me" (I'm a wimp for cold water, I like 88 degrees and higher for my pool water).


  11. What a thoughtful gift from Mac, those forks look lovely in the display cabinet. I can't imagine how hot it must be for you both at the moment, it's definitely got an autumnal feel here:)

  12. I wish I could experience some of your heat...just a little, I'm not greedy. It is almost cold enough for cardigans! For goodness sake, it's only August! Love those forks and the way they are displayed. I also love the way you celebrate the day you and Mac met.

  13. I was just looking at my driveway thinking it needs to be pressure washed again, I just can't do it. I have already pressure washed twice this summer. It was 94 here, gosh we need to cool down.

  14. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, I love the romance of a gift you wouldn't buy yourself.

  15. I love the gift you got from your husband and the story behind it. One year, when my husband was unemployed and I was in school, we told each other we would not exchange gifts for Christmas (just presents for the kids). When Christmas came, I couldn't quite do it. I bought him a small box of truffles, with a lottery ticket tucked in it. And I got a surprise gift from him, too: a small box of truffles with a lottery ticket tucked in it. Heh.

  16. 97º now that is hot!
    Our summer in the UK has been quite cool, and I really don't mind at all!

    All the best Jan


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