Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Bye Rugs

The work on the closets has begun, Mac started in yesterday working in his because it was the worse.  We have wire shelving units and about half of them had fallen in his closet and he hardly has any clothes hanging in his, I'm assuming that the builder didn't bother attaching the shelving to studs which means that eventually the drywall gives way and you end up with large holes in your wall.   So Mac  had to plaster and sandpaper before he could paint, and as he was painting the rest of the shelving fell down pulling down more drywall.  Well the plastering is done, the painting is done and the rug, that God-awful, nasty rug is gone, and after I took the picture he pulled the mat out too.  Now he's starting on the flooring, I sure hope mine isn't as big a pain to do , though the pain has been Macs I just listen to the sad sounds coming from the closet.
We're putting in a metal clothes rail and wooden shelves and storage in his closet,  no more wire shelving!

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