Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh the Joy and the Pain!

The Boat Anchor that's leaving
Our new tv is here!  We've been looking at new tvs for a while now, tired of the huge boat anchor that has been sitting in the familyroom all these years, the d**n things just don't wear out like they should.  Last fall we bought a 37" Vizio for upstairs and after much shopping around we ordered a 42" for upstairs, and we'd move the 37" downstairs.  We'd looked at Best Buy and Walmart because they were the cheapest and then I went online to Amazon who offered me everything I'd been looking for, 42", 120 hz, no tax, free delivery and about $100 less than anyone else was offering.  So last Monday I ordered it and this morning they delivered it, in a HUGE box, but luckily it wasn't that heavy and Mac and I wrestled it upstairs.  Then we went to look at the boat anchor, I mean tv in the familyroom.  Our guess was that it weighed somewhere between 300 and 400 lbs. There was no way we'd be able to carry it out or even lower it to the dolly we'd planned on moving it with.  We're giving it to a friend and he can't pick it up till after Thanksgiving so we had to come up with a plan.
Eying the blanket chest that we use for a coffee table I suggested to Mac that we could put it on a towel (oh the things I've learned watching HGTV, ease the tv onto it and push/slide it out of the room to where it could wait to be picked up.  It worked!

The 37" that has moved downstairs

So then we headed upstairs, disconnected the tv up there because it was moving downstairs and put the new tv up, connected cables and the satellite and waited for a big, bright picture to appear, it didn't, just a message saying searching for satellite, searching, searching, searching, nothing.  Looking through the paperwork that came with the tv I found a number for Vizio tech support, called, talked to a gentleman in South Dakota who said they were having freezing rain and he and Mac tried a number of things.  Then Mac decided that because the satellite box downstairs was the main one and that maybe it had to be on to get the one upstairs to work, smart man.  We now have two huge tvs, and the older and blinder I get they're much appreciated.

The new 42"

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