Sunday, November 21, 2010

Please Remind Me

Please remind me why I bought a glass topped kitchen table.  Was it because of the attractive way the dust  glows in the sunshine?  Was it because of the way cat prints show up so well?  Was it because junk looks so much better sitting on glass?  Was it to highlight the dirty floor underneath it?  Was it because the glass is so thick that things falling on it break so much easier?  Was it because we really didn't need a kitchen table because we usually eat sitting on the couch?
I'm sure that if I think hard enough I'll remember why.


  1. Just had to laugh when I read this. I'm sure it seemed like a really good idea at the time {:)

  2. Its like the rhetorical question I ask myself: Why, with 8 cats in the house, did I buy a black skirt--and then fuss on the way to church that I'm covered in cat hair???


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