Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday, Where Did My Week Go?

Well the week has just flat  disappeared on me  and November isn't  far behind, I feel like throwing an anchor out.  I meant to Blog yesterday about Veteran's Day, a special day for us, for not only did Mac serve 21 years in the Army (he was drafted for the Vietnam War), but he was named after his Uncle Mac who died in the second World War shortly before my Mac  was born.  Mac's Uncle Phil also served,  as did 3 of my Uncles.  My Father didn't (bad eye sight) but he and my Mother met in the shipyard where they were building Liberty ships.  So we owe a lot to our Veterans!  If President Obama does nothing else while he's in office, and I hope he doesn't, he needs to bring our troops home!  We live near Ft.Stewart and some of the troops there have served 6 or 7 combat tours, enough is enough!
Most of this week I've been busy working on Christmas presents, putting them together, taking them apart, putting them back together, you know how it goes, and my fingers are sore, I can't sew with a thimble on.  I did get 2 Thanksgiving pillows done and they're sitting on chairs in the entryway.  And it felt like we kept having to run into town for one thing or another.    Though it's only 8 miles away sometimes it feels like we have to hitch up the horses load up the wagon and drive all day to get there.

We went in yesterday to pick up one of Mac's paintings, (The Great Escape) it was for sale in a store in town but it got sold on etsy, it's going to a new home in North Carolina,  and we needed to pick it up and drop off a replacement painting.  The lady at the store liked the replacement (Bass)  so much she asked him to bring more, how nice.
This morning I cleaned the top of my stove, oh Lord why don't they come up with burners that food won't stick to? and polished the floors in the living room.  I'm tired, my knees are sore and it's time to sew.
Have a great weekend.

The Great Escape 



  1. Where does the week go--and where have our years gone??!! I still don't beleive we are retired.
    Nice looking paintings and pillows.

  2. I love the pillows! I haven't done handcrafts in nearly 20 years, but now that I'm no longer working I'm considering taking something up again.


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