Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

With yesterday's review of last year's resolutions it's time to look forward to 2011.  I accomplished most of my goals for last year, and with a little luck and a bit of planning I hope to do as well this year.
So here we go.

Resolution #1:  I will get all of my closets cleaned out and usable.  Mac has finished flooring the 2 closets in our master bedroom and I've gotten a start on the linen closets, with generous donations to Good Will, but there is much work to be done.  A closet shouldn't look like a landfill and doors should close easily.  With visions of Fibber McGee's closets I will get started.

Cleaned out linen closet
Bottom left needs cleaning
The tubs must go

Resolution #2:  I will get our books organized and catalogued.  I started on this last year but abandoned it before I finished, and in the meantime we've acquired about 40-50 more books.  Last year I tried to organize the books, but my better half has the habit of grabbing books, reading them and then sticking them back on any shelf in any bookcase, it drives me wild.  I have formally become the Librarian of the house, I will get the books organized by subject matter or author, listed on a computer disc, donate old books we won't reread and reshelve all the books.  Mac wants to know if I'm going to institute a fine system.

Resolution #3:  I have been making a scrapbook of mine and Mac's family for about 3 years now but haven't managed to finish it.  I wish that I'd made a smaller one, but  I will finish it this year and make a series of small ones about our daughter next.

Resolution #4:  I will do more oil painting this year, I did very little last year doing mostly water colors.  I love painting and I need to stop being lazy about it.  I have several pictures that I want to start and I will do at least 1 oil painting a month.

Resolution #5:  I will exercise more this year, I will use my exercise tapes and my hula hoop. I will spend less time in front of the computer and more time being active.  If this helps me lose weight I'll be thrilled, if it makes feel better than I'll be happy and that's my goal.

That's it, they're  all doable, we'll check back in a few months and see how I'm doing.


  1. Creating order out of chaos when you are in the mood is very satisfying.I spent a pleasurable few hours organising my books by the colour of theri spines-very unhelpful when trying to locate a specific book,but soooo pretty to look at.Good luck with the exercise.I am going to dance more !!
    Love Anne x

  2. Oh that's a lot of projects. I usually don't make any specific New Year's resolutions. Well, I had one (made before NY) and I have already done it: I moved my blogs to a new account since the old one was getting full. If you visit the old one a link will transport you to the new place. Good luck with your resolutions!


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