Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Bag of Potatoes

We were standing in the checkout line at the grocery store the other day when I noticed that Mac was holding up a bag of potatoes and looking at me.  "Do you realize you've lost 5 of these, 5 bags of potaoes?"  I laughed and said yeh it was strange to think of, 25lbs gone.  He said," Where were you hiding them?"
I thought about it and it's hard to say where it was all hidden,   I've lost weight everywhere including  my hands and feet .  I've either had to take in all my jeans and shorts or buy smaller ones. My favorite pair of shorts I've taken in twice.  Still a couple of more bags to shed though.


  1. Oh good on you! That is so fantastic!! Five bags of potatoes is a lot of weight. I would know as my mother and father had a greengrocer and every summer I used to work in the back bagging spuds. Now how did you lose that weight - and I need to see befores and afters. So awesome!!!

  2. That's wonderful that you've lost weight! Yes, please tell me how you've done it! I think I could lose some that much, and bit more if I am being honest! :-)

  3. Exercise, not diet, I don't diet, I have to be able to live with whatever I do and I can't live on a diet. Cut out Coke Zero and Lays Baked Chips and other than that I changed nothing.
    We walk 2 miles in the morning before breakfast and after breakfast i do aerobics.
    My doctor is really pleased, he said that as we get older it's harder to lose weight because our body realizes we can't go out hunting and gathering any more (LOL) so it stores as much fat as it can no matter what we do.

  4. Well done. That puts it in perspective doesn't it?

  5. Wow.
    In my late sixties I gained forty pounds in four months before a doctor diagnosed thyroid. No one would give me a magic way to lose it; I did it pound by brutal pound over a year's time, except the last five pounds. I still have them, nothing will loosen their grip.
    So, good for you, and here's to the death grip on your last ten.

  6. Well done, Janet. That is the correct approach, I would love to be more on the move but my migraines often prevent me from doing just that. Still, I am happy for everyone who manages to achieve that. Congratulations.

    Marianne from Let's Read


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